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Sacrificing your relationships for career?
Feeling stress that never ends?
Running behind and always late?
  • See how time impacts your work and family
  • Learn how time affects your relationships
  • Find out how time controls your life
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TimeTools Can Transform Your Life!

landing-content-imgIf you long to free yourself from time-related
stress, I can help!

  • Be more focused and productive.
  • Arrive at meetings and events relaxed and on time.
  • Deepen relationships with those you cherish.

I’m Joan Hamilton, PhD and I teach a way to work with time that ends time-related
stress forever.

Stop trying to just survive!

I’ll show you how to debunk the myth that time forces you to choose between career and home. You don’t have to put yourself in a no-win situation where either your work or your family life suffers. I can teach you how to work with time so you can increase productivity while freeing up time for nurturing relationships that make your heart sing.

Are you ready for change?

All it takes is a shift in mindset. TimeTools is a 5 step process I’ve developed that results in another way of relating to time. Time becomes your friend instead of the enemy. Once you begin to view time as the cultural construct it is, the new paradigm allows you to use it in wildly creative ways, increasing your efficiency and ability to be present with others.

Take my Three Minute Time Quiz

My Three Minute Time Quiz will help you to identify where in your life time is negatively impacting your relationships and your enjoyment of life.

About Joan Safran Hamilton, PhD:

Freedom from Time-Related Stress!

Does it feel like you’re running as fast as you can and you’re still behind?  Dr. Joan Hamilton is fiercely committed to relieving the stress of living in the fast lane with too much to do and too little time.  She is a pioneer in the realm of time and creator of the 5 step process called TimeTools.  Her life-changing message is one of hope.  From the vantage point of several years spent in West Africa, paired with a career of serving families of children with special needs, Joan teaches a new paradigm for time.  Since 2009 she has been experimenting with time in her own life.  Now she teaches others cutting edge techniques that allow one to manipulate how time is experienced.  Learn more at

Never again let the clock keep me from what I love!

My Name is Wai Cheung, I work with Heart-Centred Professionals who feel trapped in jobs that are draining the life out of them and I help them to find their life’s work doing what they love.

As a business-owner and solopreneur I have to be efficient with my time to balance the needs of work and family.

I used to be chasing the clock all the time and constantly feeling the pressure. I would be irritable, snappy and short with my 2 young sons. I was in danger of being forever remembered as ‘Grumpy Dad’ who always said “I don’t have time to play, I have to get back to work!”
That was when I started to work with Joan and very quickly I had a totally different relationship with Time. Through her work I became much more efficient and productive within my working day, the last 2 months have been the busiest I have ever had in my business and I have handled it all with much more ease than I thought possible AND I have gotten to spend more quality time with my children than ever!
Thank you Joan, I will never again let the clock keep me from what I love!

Wai Cheung

I never seemed to have enough time to do the things I needed

I was not able to clean my houses very fast or get enough sleep or have enough time for meal preparation. As a result of the training, I have been working the techniques into my days and cleaning routines. I seem to be able to get things done about 25% faster. I also found time for a lot of meal preparation that I need to do. It helps me to focus and do more in less time.

Shannon Lowe, Greenhouse Cleaning

I am arriving ‘on time’ and even early

I attended Joan’s TimeTools workshop because I seem to make meetings and appointments on time but was always rushing to get to them, feeling stressed and looking in my mirror to see if a cop was chasing me for driving too fast. Now I set my intention to be ‘on time’ and using Joan’s Time Tools, I am arriving ‘on time’ and even early. All while staying relaxed and not driving dangerously.

Franklin Spicer, Pegasus Online Marketing

Heightened awareness about the concept of time

Attending your workshop was perfect as I was in the middle of tax season. Time management and attention to deadlines is what it’s all about for us in the tax profession. Having a heightened awareness about the concept of time and the possibility of turning it in my favor has changed my outlook. Some of the change has come in the form of how I interact with others. I can visualize my interaction and maximize the time allotted for my meetings which is very helpful because I’m a one person shop

Kristen Dunn, CPA New Age Accounting
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