Is your organization:

Trying to do twice the workload?
Putting out fires and always running behind?
Missing time with family and friends?
  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Gain time to think, plan, and create new solutions
  • Stop the stress of always racing the clock
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With cutbacks in both staff and resources, work for many has ceased to be a source of satisfaction and fulfillment, becoming instead the origin of constant stress; much of it related to the “time crunch.”  There simply doesn’t seem to be enough time to do all that is needed.

Are You ready to change?

TimeTools Can Transform Your Life!

Are you ready for profound cultural change that contributes to a better balance sheet?

I work with organizations where everyone feels like they’re running as fast as they can and they’re still behind. I teach a new way of working with time that increases productivity and ends time-related stress forever.

 Training Benefits:

  • Be more focused, efficient, and productive; accomplish more in less time
  • Gain time to think, plan, and create new solutions
  • Arrive at meetings and events relaxed and on time
  • Stop the stress of always racing the clock
  • Increase team morale

If you’re ready as a group to move from a hectic life ruled by the clock to living in a way that allows all of you to slow down and enjoy life—while still getting the important things done—this program is for you.  Stop trying to just survive.

Be successful at work and create family and leisure time as you each live at an unhurried pace set by the group.  Regain love of work that satisfies in an environment that supports growth.

Getting Started:

Take my 3 Minute Time Quiz to reveal how time-related issues are negatively impacting your bottom line.

If you’re a manager or leader in an organization where issues around time cause stress, isn’t it about time you took meaningful action to relieve the pressure? Simply providing yet another time management workshop to rearrange schedules and prioritize tasks is not the answer to the really profound changes you’d like to see.

I teach a life-changing 5 step process based upon my own experiences. Take advantage of my exciting, cutting edge techniques that increase productivity and end time-related stress.

Give your organization the gift of time. It starts by scheduling a discussion of your group’s specific needs and requesting a free presentation introducing a new way of working with time.


Speaker’s Bio:

Freedom from Time-Related Stress!

Does it feel like you’re running as fast as you can and you’re still behind?  Dr. Joan Hamilton is fiercely committed to relieving the stress of living in the fast lane with too much to do and too little time.  She is a pioneer in the realm of time and creator of the 5 step process called TimeTools.  Her life-changing message is one of hope.  From the vantage point of several years spent in West Africa, paired with a career of serving families of children with special needs, Joan teaches a new paradigm for time.  Since 2009 she has been experimenting with time in her own life.  Now she teaches others cutting edge techniques that allow one to manipulate how time is experienced.  Learn more at